What Is Fine Feathers Boutique?

Have you ever heard the saying, "fine feathers make fine birds?" Used as early as the 16th century, men and women have been saying that "clothes make the man (or woman)" in some form or fashion since we started wearing clothes. Here at Fine Feathers Boutique, we love beautiful things. It started with jewelry and lifestyle accessories and we are now branching out to handbags, shoes, and apparel. However, we don't believe that what you have on makes you who you are.

We believe what you are wearing is an expression of who you are. It's a representation of your individuality and your personality, but the most important article we hope is already in your possession, your confidence.

When we say "Fine Feathers" we mean your attitude, your love of self, what you feel you can offer the world. And we want to help you find that confidence whether it's with our jewelry, our apparel, or just our words of encouragement.

If each and every woman felt nothing but awe and love for herself, she could do anything she set her mind to. She'd be inspired to help other women and encourage them to succeed rather than feel the need to tear them down. She wouldn't be afraid to be seen as second to men, because she'd know for a fact that she wasn't. She would be endlessly powerful.

And that's our mission at Fine Feathers Boutique. To see that all women feel that way. We hope you'll join us.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is the owner of Fine Feathers Boutique. She loves jewelry and fashion, finding treasures at thrift stores and estate sales, and a spending her day with a good book. She lives in Nashville with her husband, two dogs and evil cat.

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Meet Penguin

Penguin is our mascot and cutest model. He loves long walks (when it's not raining, snowing, too hot, or too cold), car rides (when they aren't to the vet) and the ladies. He's terrible at fetch, but what he lacks in skills, he make up for in the ability to cuddle.

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